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Holiday Shopping With Centro Motel

Have you finished you Christmas shopping yet? Yeah, it's okay. Neither have I. Not to worry, though. Calgary's first and greatest boutique motel is here for you. If there's one thing that Calgary is good for, it's shopping. If you're coming from points near the city, you'll definitely want to drive (which is where a Motel comes in), after all some of the best shopping in Alberta is just a short drive away.


 Merry Christmas from the Internet's current ruler. The Cat Named Tardar Sauce.


The Core

Downtown Calgary's solution to the intermittently horrible Alberta weather. The Core is a group of office buildings connected through +15 and underground walkways. If you're looking for some brand name high end fashion items this is the place to go.


Parking can be a bit of an adventure here. But if you head down on a weekend not only is it cheap, but there are Valets.


Chinook Centre

Chinook Centre is easier to drive into and out of than anything in downtown Calgary. They are missing some of the more high-end stores, but they make up for it by having more Tech stores and a movie theater.

The options for eating are better with Chinook as well. I mean, they have Sushi AND a Yogen Fruz.


Cross Iron Mills

Bigger. Better. Faster. Stronger. This is the Bionic Man of Calgary Malls. I guess, technically it is outside the city limits, but at the rate Calgary is growing that won't last more than another year or so. This place is massive though, so if you're going with a group I suggest the 'Divide and Conquer' shopping strategy.


While it is a little further to drive, it has pretty much everything If you only have time to go to one Shopping Centre, go to this one.


The Centro Motel is Calgary’s first Boutique Motel. Located in the Montgomery neighbourhood, just south of Calgary’s Motel Village. The Centro offers stylish, trendy rooms at competitive prices. For more information on booking, rooms and rates, check out the home page, or Contact Us.